First Press Release

Al Krulick of Maitland intends to seek the nomination of the Democratic Party for the 7th Congressional District seat, recently relinquished by incumbent Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy. Krulick, a Central Florida resident of 30 years, is a retired writer, award-winning journalist, arts administrator, political operative, and theater director and producer. He ran for the seat in 2014 as an NPA candidate against then Republican office-holder, John Mica.

As of this date, there seven declared Republicans seeking their Party’s nomination, but no declared Democrats. “I know there are probably some career politicians in my Party who are waiting to see what congressional district maps the state legislature is drawing up, but I can’t hang around to see exactly where the lines will be drawn or whether the new 7th CD will favor one party over the other,” Krulick states. “I have run for this seat before when it was as red a district as any in Florida. That didn’t deter me then and it won’t deter me now.

“I have perused the campaign websites of several of the declared Republican candidates for this seat and I cannot sit idly by, with my finger in the wind, waiting to see if seeking the Democratic nomination is the right ‘career move,’” Krulick continues. “Because while these Republican candidates may all be well-intentioned, good people, their views are antithetical to mine, and antithetical to what I believe are in the best interests of this district and this country.

“I believe that American democracy is teetering on the edge and that it is being threatened by a Republican Party that has become nothing more than a personality cult, subservient to the former president and his Big Lie about the 2020 election which, although he continues to claim was stolen from him, has been proven over and over again to have been honestly and unambiguously won by Joe Biden.

“Yet the Republican candidates, to a person, are all extreme, right-wing Trumpists, who appear ready to accept his Big Lie while preparing to restrict abortion rights, curb any meaningful gun control legislation, and do everything in their power to obstruct President Biden and the Democratic Party’s progressive agenda for America.

“This district needs a congressperson who is ready to take on the challenges of our time: climate change, voting rights, abortion rights, campaign finance reform, an expansion of affordable housing and healthcare, drug policy reform, and reining in profligate defense spending while dire human needs in our country go underfunded and underserved. I am seeking to be that person.”