Center Street

Here’s an interesting political tidbit that showed up on my news feed this morning, via Scott Powers’ column in Florida Politics. It seems that a group of “Lincoln Project” type Republicans, who say that they are “nonpartisan” and only “looking for adults who are ready to serve,” have decided to campaign against “political extremists on both sides,” and will begin their activities by campaigning against right-wing, Florida State Representative, Anthony Sabatini, and the “other 11 Republicans running in CD7 who may espouse extremist politics.” They call themselves “Center Street” and they are supporting Rusty Roberts, a former longtime aide to former Republican Rep.John Mica, who is, obviously, more their type of Republican.

Clearly, they are afraid that if a more Trumpian candidate emerges from the August 23rd primary as the nominee of the GOP for the November 8th general election, that person will lose to the Democratic nominee, which in all likelihood will be me. So, they are planning a presumptive attack on Sabatini, et al, in order to turn the seat, formerly held by Democrat Stephanie Murphy, from Blue to Red.

My thoughts about this: You can spend all the money you want, but it won’t work. Why? First of all, because the Republicans who turn out for the primary are not going to be your more moderate voters. This is not your “father’s Republican Party anymore.” The MAGA crowd will dominate the vote. Second: The right-wing candidates vying for the nomination are going to attack Roberts for a) being a RINO and b) utilizing “outside” funders who don’t live in the district coming in to try and steal the nomination for him. Third: I’m going to join these Republicans in denouncing Center Street’s meddling and when the primary process does, indeed, produce a Sabatini or Sabatini-like candidate, I’m going to appropriate Center Street’s tactics and denounce that person as an unelectable extremist, myself. So, good luck with your plan. In the end, I’ll be the “adult” you’re looking for, and I’ll be “ready to serve.”